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I understand why you would like Attaturk, but I don't see how you can overlook how he stood by and let the Armenian Extermination happen right under his nose.


Your story in Ataturk airport is really funny :)) 1km in 10mins is not a so good record, you have to start regular exercises. Also quit smoking...


uppps. i didn't know you had a concert here in istanbul too.
just listened to your conversation in gulsah's program at radioeksen.
i wish you come for another concert soon.


funny when i saw the title of this post... i assumed it would be about you being in india. i was in india, and the #1 crazy-making thing there (and what a contest) was that it's considered most polite to tell people what you think they want to hear, rather than the truth. as in, "oh yes - this temple is stright ahead, not too much further."

also, loved your show saturday at the 3rock.


We are excited to see you in your coming up show at Babylon.
one "t" for Ataturk is enough by the way.


i can't believe you were here (istanbul) and i didn't know a thing about it...it's such a shame for me. sorry about the stress at the airport, i hope next time will be better :)


Looking forward to the new record when it comes out.

Traveling in the middle east ... always an adventure.



oh man! i heard jen saying it over the skype tonight... i hope you get a great recording session with O and T.

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