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You are the man Tod! I love the music you write, "Dark Days Indeed" being one of my favorites, I'm also a huge fan of Borneo, how was it going there? Your trips are an inspiration for me to go travel, to get out of the U.S. I hope to hear more great music from you!

Shanaseth Boston

What an amazing story thanks for sharing!


Wonderful postcards, Tod! You have genuine talent with a camera as well as with music. I hope you found at least a little of what you were looking for in your time away, and best wishes for the new year.

T. Carpenter

I dunno if you or any of the other Firewater folks check this page, but jesus, man...

This is a hell of a story from a hell of a musician.

Have you considered publishing the photos you collected along the way?

Ducko Suave

We're glad to have you back in the West, and to know a new Firewater album is on its way!

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