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DomiKko Jones

Tod, having only today found your blog, I am more and more amazed with each post. You are just as good a writer as you are a lyricist and musician. What you've done is incredible.

All my thanks, DomiKko


Excellent blog! Sums up exactly how I feel about India (working here as a foreigner myself). I hope you write a book...

Only found this after listening to 'Consumer Revolt' for the first time in years! Forgot how good C$C were!


At first I was wondering why you didn't just move the rat yourself, instead of make all the fuss about nothing.

Then I realized how you wud write all this nonsense otherwise. You had to show off that you are an S-O writer. :-D


Hi Tod,
Nice blog. Stumbled upon it while checking the Firewater TV website for an update. The store's still not open, but I'm gonna check back after lunch. Hope you are enjoying your time away from NY and the US. Wish I could say you were missing much and spur your return, but alas...it'd be a lie. Looking forward to some new tunes from you, one of these days. Best regards, Curt


The adventures of Toilet Man and the dead rat.

Chelsea Schetzle

Wonderful work, better than many published short stories I'd read. And to think it's a blog.

I was directed here by a friend of mine who didn't tell me whose blog it was, I didn't pick up on it on my own. When I was told, I was tickled pink; I now understand why I enjoy the music so much. -Thanks!


" 'Do you have the stapler,' " perfect...bloody perfect.


Hey Tod.

Have you read the book already?
"Crime and Punishment", which I gave you some months (like 2 years) ago.
If so, did you like it?
If not, what did you do to it?
Burnt it or sold it on ebay?
Maybe you even edited it into an "original" indian book.

Though drunk and careless at the moment, I still claim to hear you playing in germany again, soon. PLEASE!
untill your return:

if that railroad is yours, move out over a little, farther down the line.


Mark Lomas

Have literally just discovered the amazing music of Firewater tonight, and serendipity has led me here. If you haven't already, you need to write a book. About anything. It would appear that like Firewater, your talents have gone relatively unnoticed for far too long.
Western Australia

Michael Lane

Why, and I really am asking why, is it that while reading your posts. Which I just found today and they are very intertaing, so thank you very much for sharing. Am I reminded of one of my favorite songs by Roger Miller?

I'm uh, man of means by nomeans, King of the Road!!!!

Have a great trip. But please continue to make music in the future.

Take Care Michael

Chris McKee

Good piece. My friend forwarded me this website because I just got back from a trip to Delhi, Daramsala, and Mumbai last week. Time for you to quit plagiarizing and become a pulbished writer.


I really enjoy reading this blog. Your writing and now the photo gallery as well are so fascinating. It's always like a little present when i go through my bookmarks, remember to check and see if there's any new update, and you've posted something new. I just wanted to thank you for that.

nicola Ferguson

Great post. While you are there you should read "The God of Small Things" and "The Namesake".


i just got back home from a long trip in the far-east and the balkans, and about a year ago i was making the same thailand-india journey.
firewater was the main soundtrack of my trip. even half the reason i went to the balkan area later. man, you've inspired a lot of the writing i've done there.
i've played your music across over half the states of india, and somehow it always made me feel a bit at home.
so, thanks for all that, and have a good trip/staying. kolkata is one unique city to live in for sure.

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