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Mariette Glodeck

So sad...I went from cold Sweden to beautiful Koh Samui the same year as they opened up the airport, guess it was back in 88-89. We stayed for three weeks, a tyfoon came in the way for traveling. The airport closed for a while. And whole trees came floating from far away. Many people died, but Samui was blessed and just lost a couple of roofs to the raining coconuts in the storm. And yeah, all the ships sank in port.

I stayed at the smaller beach, not Chaweng, don't remember the name. One of my friends had a bar there with his thai girlfriend (they are still together). The whole place was one street big (small). A narrow, yellow street with a couple of nice places around it and a house for the katois at the end of it. There was not a swimmingpool to be seen. And the only cooling devises you could find was the trusty fan. (I hate air con any way, always end up with a cold) When we left the nice people at our favorite restaurant made us packed lunch for free. The said: don't eat the rubbish on the plane. So sweet. I heard that only one year later the place was three times as big and growing.

And then came the swimming pools and the touristbroschures for the charter-people...

And the sad thing is, I'm guilty to, with my dusty back pack. I was one of those who started the ending of paradise... In a way.

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